How to make money from Coding without doing full time job


Getting a job as a programmer is tough. Sometimes you may not have enough experience for the position or the salary offered is not what you expected.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make money from Coding and Programming. There are various reliable options out there that can help you make money while you wait for your dream job (and possibly even your main income).

Here are some ways, you can make money from coding. In this Blog, I will share how to make money from coding without doing a full-time job I also share the pros, cons, and potential earnings based.

1. Freelancing


Sites like Fiverr and Upwork make life easier for freelancers. No more actively looking for customers. Customers come to us on these platforms. Of course, both sites get their share of all the services we offer, but it’s still worth it.

Fiverr has experience with both buyers and sellers. I already have some clients, so if you have someone to help you get started on the right foot instead of starting from scratch, I think it’s a good option. Good ratings and reviews attract new customers to Fiverr. To offer the service (aka Gigs) all you need to do is create an account with Fiverr. From web development to web scraping, you can create as many gigs as you like, but we recommend starting with a small niche.

For example, Fiverr already has a lot of gigs in web development, so he may find it hard to find clients in this niche because the competition is too fierce. However, if you are in a small niche of web development, you are more likely to get clients. Advantage: No need to actively seek out customers.

2. Create an online course

Online Tutoring and make money

Selling online courses is very profitable, but with so many online courses out there, few people get the full benefits. Again, you need to find a niche with little competition. For an area that doesn’t have many best-selling courses, the area probably has value.

You should also check the pros and cons of other online courses. How? See the course feedback section.

For example, on Udemy, we have many positive and negative comments about the student feedback section for each course. Read some of these and keep this in mind as you create your own course. If you are creating an online course for the first time, you can purchase an inexpensive course to learn its structure. If the course you’re taking is competitive, you can see firsthand what to do and what to avoid.

Advantage: Online courses are great for earning passive income.

Cons: Some fields are so crowded that course sales are difficult.

Cons: It’s already too competitive, so you need to choose your niche wisely.

Income potential: You can set the price. Some start at $20, others at $100.

3. Making video tutorials (without showing your face)

learn to code on youtube

We all know people make money on YouTube, but who knows you don’t have to get (or show) a lot of subscribers to make a decent amount of money. Very few.

Yes, YouTube videos are monetized from ads, but they’re not the only (or most profitable) way to make money on YouTube. You can also earn money from affiliate links and sponsored content. If your channel has a small but worthy niche like technology or artificial intelligence, the company will reach out to you to sponsor one of his videos or special videos about the platform. May be created. The price for a single video is generally higher than the other options mentioned in this article.

Advantage: You can not only make videos and get paid but also build your own brand.

Cons: Growth on YouTube can be slow.

4. Tutoring

Online Tutoring

You can make money in your city or online by teaching others what you know. There are many students who need to learn how to code for exams, projects, or homework. Here you can use your skills to teach others. The best part is that by teaching you learn twice. There are also several platforms where you can connect with students and teach live. One of them is a light hole. It is a live-streaming platform that allows instructors to deliver interactive live courses at scale. This is in beta, but we need other platforms with the same functionality.

Advantage: It’s not as complicated as creating content or working for clients.

Cons: You may get tired of teaching the same things over and over again.

5. Technical writing

Blog post Writing

Think about the last time you had a problem with your code or didn’t know how to fix something. Where did you find the solution? Probably on Google.

Today, developers are searching the internet for solutions. For this reason, your website should include content in the form of articles or guides that help drive traffic to your website. You can use your technical knowledge to write articles and get paid for them. Sites typically paid a flat rate of $200 to $500 per piece.

Here are some websites that pay developers to write technical articles.

Digital Ocean: You can write about cloud hosting, OSS, software development, and more.

Auth0: You can write about frameworks, programming languages, and more.

Log rocket: Create tutorials for React, JavaScript, Vue, and more.

Advantage: You grow your online presence and get paid for it.

Cons: There is a limit to the topics that can be discussed. Your article may be rejected and not published on certain websites.

6. Share knowledge online

create your own blog

If you’re interested in technical writing ideas $300 per article isn’t enough, try blogging. This is similar to writing for a business or website, but instead of receiving a flat fee, you get paid based on the number of views, reads, etc.

There are several such pay-per-performance blogging platforms. With this model, the more people spend time reading your articles, the more money you can make. This is good because you can make a lot of money from a single item, but you may also earn less. It’s up to the reader. There are endless topics you can write about on your blog. You can write a guide, give your opinion on something, or write about your work experience.

Advantage: You can write whatever you want and the salary can be huge.

Cons: Payments may also be little or nothing.

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So there are lots of methods to make passive income from coding and programming but I think these methods are best if you have any more methods to make money from coding and programming so please write in the comments section.

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