Which channel is better Code With Harry or Apna College


Hello guys, today in this blog post, I am going to tell and clear all your doubts that which channel is better Code with Harry or Apna College to start your coding & learning journey?


Code with Harry and Apna College as they are both focused on different areas, and the best channel for you will depend on your specific needs and interests or multiple factors some may like the teaching method of one, while others may like the teaching method of the other, but today in this blog I will discuss some point which will make it easier for you to choose the best channel.


  • First, I will discuss the pros and cons of both channels.
  • Then I will talk about the average video time of both.
  • Which channel is beginner friendly?
  • All details with their channel links.

1. Code with Harry (YouTube Channel)

code with harry youtube channel

Code with Harry is a YouTube channel that focuses on providing programming tutorials, particularly in Python, Java, C++, and PHP, as well as web development and machine learning. The channel is aimed at students, beginners, and professionals who want to improve their coding skills.

He has created a playlist of courses in a good manner. He also makes long videos for about 10-15 hours, like learning python in one video, learning JavaScript in one video, and many more.

Apna College (YouTube Channel)

Apna college youtube channel

Apna College is a YouTube channel that focuses on providing technical education and digital marketing courses. They provide a wide range of courses on topics such as programming, Web Development, Data Science, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and more.

Average of Video Time of Code with Harry

Sometimes the average video time depends on the complexity of the topic but most of the videos of code with harry are detailed & well-explained which takes more time. The average time/ video are around 20 minutes.

Average of Video Time of Apna College

The average video duration of Apna College varies depending on the complexity of the topic, however, most of the videos and the average video time of Apna College are in brief details which takes short time. The average length of a video is roughly 10 minutes.

Beginner Friendly Channel

begnieer friendly code with harry and apna college

Code with harry channel is more beginner friendly as compared to Apna college because of the notes which are available for each video. Apna college provides only two courses C++ & web Development while Code with Harry provides C++, Python, Java, C#, App Development, Web Development, and more.

Code with Harry Details with their Channel links.

Code with harry details with their channel details

Code with harry’s YouTube channel was created by Haris Ali Khan. He joined YouTube on 28 April 2016. And now he has a family of 3.66M Subscribers. In Code with Harry YouTube Channel Harry also provides the source code of every video (if any) which is good for learning.

He has one more YouTube channel known as that given below.

  1. Code With Harry
  2. Programming With Harry

Apna College Details with their Channel links

apna college logo

Apna College YouTube Channel was created by Aman Dhattarwal He joined YouTube in 2015. And now he has a family of 3.19M Subscribers. He also provides the source code but some videos (if any) which are good for learning. YouTube Channel links are Given below.

  1. Apna College
  2. Aman Dhattarwal


I would recommend Code with Harry if you are new to programming and wish to become a self-taught programmer, freelancer, or build your basics. However, if you’re seeking courses that can help you get a job, Apna College is a better option than CWH.

Because they developed the courses and also taught you based on your placement needs. So, I would advise you to examine both channels for the course you are interested in, and then select which channel best corresponds with your learning goals and teaching style.

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