Top 10 YouTube Channel to learn Coding and Programming


In this blog post, I will show you the Top 10 best programming and coding-related channel to learn coding and programming for free of cost. If you are a college student in your free time you want to learn coding and programming so these channels are the best for you.

Start your coding journey with these programming channels. Every day we hear about new developer languages ​​being released to the market and naming new features. That’s what the web world is all about, introducing new technologies and making them usable in the commercial world. Programmed learning is much easy when you try new functions by yourself.

To stay ahead in this ever-expanding field, we must continue to learn every day. From blogs to guides, e-books, the best YouTube channels for learning to code, and many other mediums, you can find multiple sources for learning these programming languages.

For free-of-cost learning, YouTube is the most popular choice for those new to the field and wanting to learn the language through hands-on demonstrations. The platform has more than 1.8 billion registered users, with nearly 5 billion videos being streamed every day. General stats show that over 300 hours of HD video are regularly uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds, and the vast video collection continues to grow.

Here we have collected some of his top-rated web development YouTube channels with millions of subscribers and thousands of aspiring developers watching him.

The list is given below

Best Youtube Channels for programming:

1: TheNewBoston:

The new boston

The New Boston With over two million subscribers is the most viewed web development YouTube channel for learning programming languages. Founded by Bucky Roberts, this channel is a popular free web learning resource for many beginners. It has a lot of tutorials available on both backend and front-end languages ​​for both beginners and advanced learners.

2: Derek Banas

Derek Banas

Derek Banas offers a comprehensive web guide to different programming languages ​​designed for both beginners and advanced developers. With over 1000 videos already uploaded, this web development YouTube channel has its own playlists for each language and is regularly updated twice a week.

3: Eli the Computer Guy 

Eli the Computer Guy

Covering a wide range of topics, from web development to networking and more, Eli the Computer Guy is a YouTube learning resource in all areas of technology. This channel has a lot of web programming videos with live practice demos.

4: ProgrammingKnowledge

Programming knowledge

Programming knowledge has a lot of video tutorials on major backend/frontend programming languages ​​including Python, Swift, PHP, Ruby, and many more. It is one of the best YouTube channels to learn web development as it has in-depth videos on all the other frameworks and has thousands of daily visitors.

5: Edureka


For complete beginners, Edureka is one of the best YouTube channels to learn web development as it has a lot of videos in different languages ​​covering a wide variety of topics. From DevOps to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning to Python, this channel is home to various video tutorials on key technologies.

6: Traversy Media

Traversy Media

Traversy Media is a great source for the latest web tutorials on various programming languages. With 725,000 subscribers, the channel offers in-depth learning tutorials on major development and scripting languages ​​like Angular, Node, React.js, Ruby, Python, and more.


Learn code academy

If you want to learn to code fast, is one of the best YouTube channels to learn web development easily. It has lots of video tutorials available in different frontend/backend languages, listed with separate playlists for easy sorting.

8: Programming with Mosh

Programming with mosh

Mosh provides you with a wide variety of tutorials not only on trendy web languages ​​but also on emerging web technologies that are rapidly gaining attention in the developed world. Basically, the channel features long (hours-long) videos that discuss each language topic and topic in detail.

9: DesignCourse

Design Course

Founded by Gary, Design Course is a well-known YouTube channel for learning the latest happenings in the UI/UX world. It has dozens of videos on frontend development, providing detailed tech knowledge to learn the latest methodologies of web and graphic designing.

10: Hitesh Choudhary

Hitesh Choudhary

With a knack for discovering new languages, Hitesh Choudhary regularly brings up videos about different programming languages, mostly from the backend. In addition to only uploading technical videos, he often uploads to his channel Vlogs, discussing the latest market trends and advanced Youtube applications.


These are the best YouTube channels for learning programming or coding, as they have thousands of video tutorials on a variety of backend/frontend development topics. Besides that, there are also many similar channels on YouTube that you can find yourself – with some development tutorials available – focusing on different languages. If you’d like to suggest other YouTube channels to add to this list, feel free to mention them below in the comments. 

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about this, please contact me. I will answer your questions as soon as possible and if you feel something is not clear, please let me know. Write in the comments section. I will come again with another exciting topic.


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