How To Make A Calculator Using Chat-GPT

Chat GPT is a mind-blowing AI tool that does any type of work today I make a calculator using chat-GPT with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. So today in this blog I tell you how to make a calculator using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the help of the Chat-GPT AI tool.

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Calculator Using Chat-GPT

calculator using Chat gpt

This calculator is created by the Chap-GPT Ai tool and the amazing this is that it is working perfectly. This calculator design is very simple and easy to use it is doing all types of basic mathematics operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

How to Create Calculator Step by Step

There are some steps to create a calculator using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the help of Chat-GPT. Follow these steps and make it in a few minutes.

  1. Create an account in Chat-GPT and log in.
  2. Write a Commnd in Chat-GPT like “please create a calculator using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript”
  3. Chat-Gpt starts working and writes a complete code for a Basic Calculator.
  4. Copy the given code and paste it into your files and check whether this calculator is working fine or not.
  5. It depends on which type of calculator you need you can change your prompt message and write a “please create an advanced calculator”.

So that are the steps to create a calculator using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the help of Chat-GPT.

Video Tutorial How to Make Calculator Using Chat-GPT

If you have not underrated these Steps so please watch this video. This video was created by the Chat-GPT Tutorials YouTube channel. Please subscribe to this channel for more videos like this.

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In conclusion, creating a calculator using OpenAI’s Chat-GPT can be a fun and educational project. By utilizing the language model’s natural language processing capabilities and its ability to understand and process text-based inputs, you can build a chat-based calculator that can perform basic arithmetic operations.

The use of Chat-GPT in building a calculator demonstrates the potential for innovative applications of language models in various fields. With the continued advancement in NLP technologies, the possibilities for Chat-GPT to be used in creative and useful ways are endless.

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